Tamworth Cat Shack


Our opening hours are by appointment and between the following hours:

Monday to Saturday
8am-10am and 3pm-6pm
Sundays for pickups only 4pm till 5pm

Inspections are also available by appointment.
Standard price is $16.50 per day*
Stays of 15 days or more OR if you have more than one cat $15 per day per cat*
All pickups after 10am incur the cost of the extra day of boarding.
A valid Vaccination Certificate is required to be shown.
All cats, with the exception of underage kittens, must be de-sexed.
A flea treatment prior to arrival is requested.
A brief registration form is to be completed on 1st booking.
Wet & Dry food is provided but special diets and premium foods are to be catered for by the owner.
Comfortable bedding is provided.
LOTS of love freely given :)

Please note Tamworth Cat Shack does NOT administer medications.

With over 10years experience in the pet care field you are assured your pet will receive one-on-one attention and quality care in a fresh, new & peaceful environment.

At The Cat Shack in Tamworth our aim is to offer your pet a happy and relaxed, home away from home, holiday experience!

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* prices subject to change without notice